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The primary goal of WithEarsToHear.org is to deepen the listening that happens in local churches - for the faith of the listeners and for the health of the church.  If you are a listener that is interested in exploring additional resources to deepen your listening, consider the following...


Online - Bible & Lectionary Resources


Oremus Bible Browser - Search-able New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) of the Bible


The Blue Letter Bible - A powerful free site that allows the user to search many Bible translations, compare translations, explore the Bible in different languages, including Hebrew and Greek.


The American Bible Society has the bible available on-line for searching.  They provide a number of parallel English versions, as well as Scripture in a host of languages from around the world.  If you create a login, you can also take and save notes on passages.


The Revised Common Lectionary Online - A site hosted by the Vanderbilt Divinity Library provides the weekly readings (NRSV) for the three-year cycle of the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL).  The readings for the coming Sunday are on the home page.  This lectionary is followed by many Protestant denominations in North America and elsewhere, including the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.


The Consultation on Common Texts, the ecumenical group responsible for the RCL, offers download-able documents (pdf) of each of the three years of the RCL.  It also maintains of a list of Christian denominations that use this lectionary.


The Episcopal Church (USA) has a page that provides its liturgical calendar and weekly readings (a version of the Revised Common Lectionary).


lectionary.com provides the weekly readings prescribed by the Roman Catholic Church, the Revised Common Lectionary, and the Episcopal Church.


The Text This Week contains boatloads of information, including access to and commentary on the weekly readings. This site is primarily directed at preachers. While there is a good deal of good on textweek.com, there is a great deal to sort through.  The danger of this is getting distracted by what people are saying about the biblical texts and not paying enough attention to what the text is actually saying.


Working Preacher is another site primarily directed at preachers.  It provides access to commentaries on each of the weekly readings in the Revised Common Lectionary.  Working Preacher also hosts material related to the Narrative Lectionary.


In Print - Bible & Lectionary Resources


Study Bibles

A thorough study bible can prove a helpful resource. While there are a host of study bibles available, the following are strongly recommended as they have consistently trustworthy introductions and notes.


The Catholic Study Bible


The HarperCollins Study Bible


The Jewish Study Bible (Old Testament / Hebrew Bible)


Lutheran Study Bible (Augsburg)


The Lutheran Study Bible (Concordia)


The New Interpreter's Study Bible


The New Oxford Annotated Bible with Apocrypha


The People's Bible



One Volume Bible Commentaries

There are a number of good single volume bible commentaries available.  These are good resources to look to when you have read and digested the text itself.  They are not final authorities, but they can be useful educated conversation partners.


Eerdman's Commentary on the Bible


HarperCollins Bible Commentary


The New Jerome Bible Commentary


The Oxford Bible Commentary



Additional Print Resources


Tom Wright, For Everyone Series


Karl Barth, "Aids for the Preacher," pp. 263-552 in Church Dogmatics V.1 (G.W. Bromiley & T.F. Torrance, eds; Hendrickson, 2010).


Additional Reading


Law-Gospel Preaching, Lutheran Quarterly.





Faith in Jesus Christ is at the heart of the Christian sermon.  A bit of centering from Martin Luther (1483-1546):


There is only one article and one rule of theology, and this is true faith or trust in Christ. Whoever doesn’t hold this article and this rule is no theologian. All other articles flow into and out of this one; without it the others are meaningless. The devil has tried from the very beginning to deride this article and to put his own wisdom in its place. However, this article has a good savor for all who are afflicted, downcast, troubled, and tempted, and these are the ones who understand the gospel.

Luther's Works 54.157


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